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Invisible reCAPTCHA with Formstack

Easily distinguish humans from bots, and protect your forms from spam and abuse.

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Keep your forms protected.

Add another layer of protection to your forms with the latest in Google reCAPTCHA technology. Formstack uses Invisible reCAPTCHA, a security tool that uses machine learning and risk analysis to prevent bots from flooding your submissions with spam. It works invisibly in the background so you can prevent unwanted information from entering your database and still provide people with a seamless form experience. People are not required to complete image or audio CAPTCHA puzzles unless they are flagged as suspicious.

How it works
How It Works

To use form CAPTCHA, all you need to do is enable the tool on your form by switching it to "On" in the Form Extras section at the bottom of the builder. It's that simple. For more information on using Formstack's reCAPTCHA tool, check out this Help article.

Protect your forms with CAPTCHA
Use invisible webform CAPTCHA to:
  • Protect your forms from unwanted spam and bots
  • Create a frictionless, secure experience for form users
  • Keep your database clean and error-free
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