The Stressed Marketer's Guide
to Lead Generation with AdWords

Formstack's interactive e-book shows you how to clean up your AdWords strategy and boost your revenue in just one week.

Lead Generation with Adwords graphic

Digital marketers spend thousands of dollars per month on Google AdWords, but a lot of that money is going down the drain. How can you ensure you are capturing the most qualified leads at the best price?

Our fill-in-the-blank e-book has the answer! We've provided tons of advice that will lead you through a 5-day assessment of your Google AdWords spend. You'll learn how to optimize top-performing keywords, pinpoint where your spend is going, and set up form tools for better lead collection - all in one week!


  • Best practices for AdWords optimization
  • Interactive direction to determine your budget
  • Tools and tips for maximum lead generation
  • Proven ways to jumpstart AdWords revenue

Download your copy now and take the stress out of lead generation with AdWords!