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Proposal Generation

Accelerate your sales process with proposal automation.

Document Creator

Free your team from manual data entry.

Does your team spend hours putting sales proposals together? Formstack's Documents tool can help you cut down on document preparation time so you can focus your efforts on closing deals. Upload and use your own files or create templates that you can use to standardize proposals for your entire team.

Merge Data

Easily merge data into custom proposals.

With dozens of integrations, Formstack Documents makes it easy to pull data from sales forms, accounting software, or your CRM to automatically customize documents for your clients. Use conditional logic to show or hide different sections of your proposal depending on the data you use for merging.

Share Documents

Share and send documents anywhere.

Use automated delivery methods to streamline your proposal generation process from start to finish. Email merged documents to team members, collect signatures from prospects and customers, store files in your favorite cloud app, and much more. Proposal automation has never been easier!

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An easy-to-use online proposal tool

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Boost productivity with a powerful proposal generator.
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