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Formstack Documents lets you upload, merge, and deliver smart documents in a snap.

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Create custom documents in seconds.

Whether you need proposals, contracts, letters, or sales presentations, creating documents with Formstack is easy.

Simplify your document assembly.

Formstack lets you upload and merge your own documents. However, if you need to start fresh, our document builder makes it easy to create PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations from scratch. Choose your own fields and add your branding so your files look just right after merging.

Create and use fillable PDFs.

A fillable PDF lets users type data directly into a shareable PDF file that can be printed. This file type is great for documents that need a specific formatting structure or contain data that doesn't vary widely in length. Formstack Documents can help you create, complete, and send fillable PDFs to the right people and places fast.

Start with a premade template.

Need a jumpstart on your document assembly? No matter your industry or department, our pre-built document templates can help you save time, put a stop to manual data entry, and streamline your paperwork processes. Just pick a template, customize it, and connect it to your favorite apps for easy data merging.

Automate your form creation.

Create online forms using the template documents in your account. With one click, you can export your documents directly into Formstack to create a custom form based on the document’s merge fields. After setting it up once, your document will be populated with data automatically every time your form is submitted.

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Easily populate your files with data.

Tired of plugging information into your documents? With the right tools, you can add data to your files automatically.

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Form Data

Use the information you collect on your forms to generate custom PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. You'll never have to worry about manual data entry again! Use registration forms to create custom event tickets, sales forms to generate personalized proposals, and more.

150+ Integrations

Connect your documents to the apps you use every day. Formstack Documents has easy-to-use integrations available with solutions like Salesforce, PayPal, and Zapier. Pull customer data from your CRM for contracts, merge payment information into custom invoices, store freshly generated documents in the cloud, and much more.


If you don't see the integration you need on our list, you can use our open REST API to connect Formstack Documents to your applications. With our API, third-party services can grab a list of documents in your account, pull the fields that are in each document, and then populate those documents with data via a webhook.

Data Uploads

Already have data in a spreadsheet? Simply save that spreadsheet as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and you can upload the data directly into Formstack. We'll merge each row as a separate document automatically so you don't have to worry about doing it yourself.

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Dynamic Content

Personalization is important, but it can be time-consuming to customize documents for each customer, client, and partner. With automated document assembly, you can personalize documents without the need for manual work. Conditional logic makes it easy to hide or show content in your files depending on the rules you set.

Deliver your documents anywhere.

Whether you need to collect eSignatures, store documents in the cloud, or upload attachments to your CRM, it's easy to get your files where they need to go fast. For eSignature collection, try our native eSignature tool, InsureSign, or choose from dozens of other options.


Share files through email.

Whether you need to send contracts to your sales manager or route invoices to customers, our automated email delivery will send documents to the emails you specify as soon as those files are merged. Use security features like data encryption and password protection to protect sensitive information.


Send docs to your apps.

Route merged documents to your organization's most-used applications. From Dropbox to SpringCM, you can send your documents anywhere for easy processing and storage. Integrations with eSignature apps like Adobe Sign and DocuSign make it easy to get your docs signed quickly.


Store everything in Stash.

Need a centralized, safe, and easy location to store all your documents? Formstack Documents has a built-in file storage solution called Stash. Organize your files in one place that can be accessed by team members anywhere. You'll never lose a file again!

Take advantage of automated document assembly.
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