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Case Study

Wicklander Foundation

The Challenge

The Wicklander Foundation needed an easier way for charities to apply for grants and then have each of their members collaborate about each of the applications. The previous process consisted of a charity saying they were interested in applying for a grant and the foundation would then proceed to email the charity a grant request and then have the charity mail 6 copies of the grant request back to the foundation for review. The board members would then all take turns reviewing each application and then hold a meeting to decide where the money would be donated.

Seeing that this process was very time consuming not only for the charity applying for the grant but also for the board members of the foundation, Andrew Wicklander, owner of Ideal Project Group, knew there had to be a better solution than the current age-old process.

The Solution

Wicklander started searching around and getting quotes from non-profit specific applications and found that their products were upwards of $5,000 for set-up and another $1,000 per year. In 2008, Wicklander heard about Formstack on the 37signals Product Blog and began using the form builder application on a few projects he was working on at that time.

After growing to love the product, Wicklander knew that Formstack would be a much easier and cost-effective solution for the foundation rather than the other solutions they were seeking. He quickly got to work building an easy-to-use online grant process using the form builder tool with the Highrise integration.

The Outcome

Since incorporating Formstack forms into their website, Wicklander has been able to take what was once a long and tedious process of grant fund requesting and turn it into a simple and easy process for both the charity and the organization.

Charities wanting to request a grant can now do so in a matter of minutes. Board members can also quickly review and deliberate which organizations the money will go to in a matter of days. The foundation has also saved thousands of dollars by integrating with Formstack instead of hiring a developer or using another costly website form builder. The money that would have been put into a new system can now be saved for future charities.

Location: Chicago, IL

Industry: Nonprofit

Challenge: : Needed an easier way for charities to apply for grants and then have each of their members collaborate about each of the applications.

Solution: Formstack proved to be an easier and cost-effective solution for the foundation’s tedious grant processes.

Benefits: Efficient way to cut down on tedious and long application process, save money that can be used for grants.

About Wicklander Foundation

The Wicklander Foundation, founded by Raymond and Callista Wicklander, is an organization providing financial funding to nonprofits in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois. They provide support to education, religious and medical research nonprofits. By doing so, their goal is to provide large enough gifts to make an impact as well as reaching out to as many organizations as they can. Each funding provision is project based in order to provide focus for their resources as well as to keep objectives in mind.