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Case Study

Victory Valley

The Challenge

On college campuses, there are several programs and organizations that require data to be collected and saved in a safe environment. Almost every aspect of the academic and administrative duties include filling out a form. At Victor Valley College, this process was done by filling out a paper form, in-person.

The age-old process of using paper forms required several steps before the completed form was in the correct place. Printing off the blank form, sending it to the correct person to fill out, that person delivering the filledout form, approving the form, and filing the form was a very time-consuming and inefficient process. Not to mention all of the manual errors that could happen along the way and costs associated with printing, purchasing paper, and manual labor needed for filing and other secretarial duties.

Justin Gatewood, webmaster at Victor Valley College, wanted to find an easier solution for their administrative duties due to the costs that came with their current processes and also find a solution that would reduce many of the errors that occurred from before the paper forms were filled out until the form had been filed away.

The Solution

After doing a web search for “form processors” on Google, Gatewood found Formstack, an online form builder. Gatewood tried out the form builder and liked what he saw. He was very impressed with the form security, data security, the ability to share form data, and the ability to create reports within the application. Victor Valley College now uses Formstack for anything and everything including:

  • Class schedule request forms
  • Student newspaper requests
  • Student/tutor referrals
  • Technology training evaluations
  • Online class registration
  • Student surveys
  • Student organization and club membership signups
  • Health and safety concern forms
  • RSVP’s for registrations to limited attendance event

The Outcome

Victor Valley College has been able to expand their use of Formstack to automate much of the college’s processes that were done on paper and in-person by spending only $50 per month for the web form application. The online form builder has completely changed the way Victor Valley College serves its students, faculty, staff, and the community and has significantly reduced their carbon footprint by going completely “green”.

“By taking most of our processes online, we have been able to save over $7,447 per month just by using a simple, online form builder”, states Gatewood. Most importantly, they no longer have to print and collect paper forms, find space to store all of the forms, and no longer have to search through filing cabinets trying to find the one form they need.

Location: Victorville, CA

Industry: Education

Challenge: Using an age-old process of collecting paper forms that required a multi-step process to get the completed form in the correct place. The paper forms not only came with a high cost but also resulted in many manual errors.

Solution: Replace all paper forms with online forms for each of the departments.

Benefits: Saves over $7,000 per month, reduced carbon footprint, & easier to complete the process from sending the form to gathering the data

About Victor Valley College

Victor Valley College is a 2-year, degree-granting (Associates Degree), accredited higher education institution serving over 10,000 students in Southern California. The college focuses on creating a stimulating learning environment that will allow students to prepare for all that the future can bring. The college offers a unique learning experience, an outstanding library and student activities center, and up-to-date learning laboratories.

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