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Customers University of Nevada, Reno

University of Nevada, Reno Increases Campus Visits to Boost Enrollment

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Key Results

Saved valuable staff time

Increased campus visits by 45%

Lifted enrollment from 700 to 1180 students in 2 years




Higher Education




Reno, NV



Use Case

Prospective Student Engagement

Bringing prospective students to campus is a great way to encourage enrollment. Students fall in love with the school and imagine themselves there. But if signing up for campus tours is a hassle, recruitment and enrollment can suffer. The University of Nevada, Reno—a Formstack customer since April 2012—used the platform's branded web forms as a solution for its admissions team. As a result, the university saw a significant boost in prospective student interest.

The Challenge

The University of Nevada, Reno is the only Tier 1 university in the state of Nevada. Only a half hour from Lake Tahoe, Associate Director of Admissions Adam Stoltz calls it "a place where academics meet adrenaline."

UNR recruits incoming students through a campus visit program. Stoltz wanted an online tool so his team could collect and share data. The process had to be easy, efficient, and secure. The data also needed to automatically integrate with other apps, such as their CRM. They tried a competitor's form offering, but it couldn't scale to meet the school's growing demands.

"We needed more robust functionality for organizing and sharing data in a large, decentralized campus environment," Stoltz said.

The Fix

After researching options, the UNR admissions team turned to Formstack.

Since the university began using Formstack, they have dramatically increased campus tours and student enrollment. One program saw a 45% boost in campus visits, which led to an increase in students applying and enrolling at the University of Nevada, Reno. In only two years, enrollment increased from 700 to 1180 students. That's nearly a 70% lift! Because it's so easy to register, more students have stepped onto campus at UNR and seen themselves at home there.

Unlike the university's previous form builder, Formstack is able to scale as enrollment grows. Stoltz also likes that Formstack continues to add new features to support UNR's growing campus community.

The Outcome

It only took ten minutes for UNR to be up and running with Formstack. UNR uses forms for admissions, event registrations, day-to-day operations, and more.

"If I was comparing Formstack to cooking, it's like boiling water," Stoltz said, indicating that it couldn't get much easier.

UNR currently uses over 270 forms and has a whopping 31,000 submissions—and counting. A total of 20 users can create, edit, and review their forms and submissions. Stoltz and his team also take advantage of Formstack's simple design options to maintain consistent branding throughout the UNR website. They have about 15 templates that let users share and reuse designs without reinventing them each time.

Now, the admissions office is better-equipped to meet the needs of prospective students and parents. UNR has also saved valuable staff time, so Stoltz's team can focus on students, not data.

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