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Case Study

Town of Fishers

The Challenge

Just like any other government organization, management of the town was laden with forms and the resulting paperwork required hours of manual data entry. Knowing that town growth would mean a significant increase in paperwork, Scott Fadness, Fishers’s Deputy Mayor, began looking for a cost-effective online form solution. “There are a lot of big software packages on the market that could help us eliminate a significant portion of our data entry,” he said. “In this economy, we needed to find a solution that was easy to use, addressed our needs, and most importantly, put a very small dent in our budget.”

The Solution

By incorporating Formstack’s simple online web forms into their system, the Town of Fishers found a solution to their time management, data collection, and organizational issues. Their most recent example of success was a trash removal survey. Interns developed the survey form in 30 minutes using the online form builder, and were able to send it instantly via email to 1,500 residents through Fisher’s alert system. Within two days, the town received 400 email responses that—when integrated into the Fishers database—yielded data that was easy to discern via Formstack’s snapshot feature.

Fishers is also utilizing Formstack’s web forms to automate processes internally, such as job applications. The already timeconsuming task had become even more so with the down economy and across the board job cuts, and the online form creator has been instrumental in helping employees utilize their time more effectively. “We recently posted an opening for a janitor and received over 400 resumes,” explained Fadness. With Formstack, applicants can now submit their information online instead of filling out a paper form and dropping it off or putting it in the mail. After clicking “submit” the application is in the Fishers system and can be sorted based on standard requirements, such as education level. This eliminates hours of manual labor and speeds the entire process so jobs are filled faster.

The Outcome

By incorporating Formstack into their system, The Town of Fishers has been seen a major change in the way they work within multiple departments. Forms can be created in less than thirty minutes by interns and sent out for community members to fill out rather than spending time, money, and wasting paper on old forms that get lost in the shuffle. Employees working for the town now spend their time on more value-added, strategic tasks. They are also happier because they are more challenged,and management is able to make more fact-based decisions due to easier access to evidence and more timely input from residents.

“Without Formstack, that survey would have taken weeks and been very costly,” said Fadness. “The turnaround with Formstack was amazing. We are able to view the data quickly and move ahead with a plan that will give the residents of Fishers what they told us they want."

Location: Fishers, IN

Industry: State & Local Government

Challenge: Fishers was growing as a town and they were receiving heaps of paperwork from new community members. They needed a way to process and manage member surveys, contact forms, and other communication forms.

Solution: A simple online form for community members to fill out surveys, forms, applications, and more that would decrease hours spent manually entering data and filling out forms.

Benefits: Eliminated countless hours of tedious filing and sorting processes, increased time management, and organization as a whole.

About Town of Fishers

The Town of Fishers is a growing community with a strong history of family values and successful businesses. Located in Southeastern Hamilton County just 20 miles north and east of downtown Indianapolis, makes Fishers a very convenient place to live and do business. The town is also recognized nationally by Money Magazine and Forbes as one of the best places to live in America.

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