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Case Study

Soap Hope

The Challenge

As a growing company with a huge fan base and customer support system, Soap Hope needed to find a way to make some changes. First, Soap Hope wanted to ask its customers for product feedback. With every product that was ordered, they also wanted to ask customers about their experience. The goal was to find an easy, quick solution to the problem without spending thousands of dollars.

Then, the need to find an easier way for customers to sign up for email marketing arose. With the rise of support from customers and a growing fan base, Soap Hope needed a way to interact with its customers more efficiently on a larger level.

Next, as the fan base grew, so did its need for a program to showcase their “super fans,” or ambassadors of hope - the people who desired to go above and beyond to spread Soap Hope’s mission. They needed a way for the super fan candidates to apply.

The Solution

At Soap Hope, the people are focused on selling extraordinary products for an extraordinary cause. Therefore, little time and man power can be dedicated to creating online forms. That’s where Formstack came into play. Salah Boukadoum, co-founder of Soap Hope knew they needed something simple, easily understandable, and affordable.

Salah began his search and quickly found Formstack. He soon realized that it had the capability to meet their needs. No developer or HTML coding was necessary, they could do it all on their own.

Salah and his team knew that an online form provider would be an ideal solution for creating an application for their ambassadors of hope, a way to send out quick email marketing messages and a way to ask for customer feedback.

The Outcome

By using Formstack, Soap Hope has been able to continually increase its fan base by improving customer satisfaction with customer feedback forms sent out with each purchase. They are also able to highlight customers who truly believe in its products and want to spread the word by having an application form to become an “ambassador of hope.” By interacting more with customers, Soap Hope has gained a true fan following that will take their company to the next level.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Industry: Nonprofit

Challenge: Gathering customer feedback and an easy way for customers to sign up for email marketing.

Solution: Simple forms with no coding involved that would take customer’s information quickly and easily.

Benefits: Reduced the amount of stress, time, and energy it took to obtain simple information from the customer in order to measure customer’s satisfaction with the product.

About Soap Hope

Soap Hope is a nonprofit retailer that sells wholesome natural products. This company is unique in that 100% of its profits goes toward anti-poverty programs for women. Soap Hope invests 100% of its profits every year to anti-poverty nonprofits. These organizations use the funds to provide loans, training, literacy, health care, and other services to women in poverty. This approach can permanently lift whole communities from poverty, providing families with the resources and skills they need to be self-sufficient.

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