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Case Study

Michelle Coleman

The Challenge

Although Coleman uses Formstack in all of her roles, she finds that the Kentucky Bluegrass Balloon Festival website form benefits from Formstack the most. As she was managing the Kentucky Bluegrass Balloon Festival, she was adding in the attendees manually with the ExactTarget web collect function. This process was requiring countless hours of work on her behalf and caused her to spend less time getting other important tasks her other organizations relied on her to fulfill. As the hours were going by, she knew there had to be a quicker and easier way to organize and enter all of the attendees.

The Solution

While Coleman was attending the Master’s of Business Online conference in 2008, she heard about Formstack. She thought it looked interesting and decided to check it out. Once she learned more about the product, she found she loved the ExactTarget integration that Formstack uses. This integration was an easy one step process to organize and manage all of the festival attendees. This not only saved her time entering all of the data into the system, but it also helped her manage her time between the other positions she has.

After learning about the Formstack integrations and the ease of use, Coleman has been able to expand her use of Formstack to benefit all of her professional roles. With Formstack, she has been able to create over 45 different forms including contact forms, volleyball tryout registration, volleyball showcase forms, wellness tracking forms, prospect claim form, surveys and many others. Because of Formstack she has been able to cut down on the amount of time she spends organizing her various activities.

The Outcome

Formstack has enabled Coleman to expand her use of forms to meet the needs of each organizations individual needs. Not only did it help with time management, but it also saved her money. As a freelance web designer, time is money, and the time she was spending on data entry could’ve been extra dollars in her pocket.

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Industry: Small Business

Challenge: As a professional with many different job titles, Michelle needed a way to keep track of information for each organization and its participants.

Solution: Formstack was a platform she used to create and use multiple forms with a unique purpose to meet the needs of each and every activity across the board.

Benefits: Eliminated countless hours of tedious filing and sorting processes, increased time management, and organization as a whole.

About Michelle Coleman

Michelle Coleman wears many hats when it comes to her professional life. She is the director of marketing at Storage Solutions, a volleyball coach and webmaster for the Team Indiana volleyball club, and she is also a freelance web designer.

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