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Case Study

Fox Chapel

The Challenge

Fox Chapel Winter League Basketball plays close to 52 games every Saturday during the winter season. In the league, there are a number of volunteers, coaches, commissioners, players, and other people involved that need to have a gateway of communication between them all.

After each game, coaches and referees were responsible for sending the scores and other important data (time worked) to the president of the league. For referees, if they wanted to find a substitute, they had to call one of thirty numbers on the sub list until they were able to find someone to fill in. Marc Reppermund, president, also found he needed a solution for conducting event registration for their coach’s appreciation nights.

"I absolutely love Formstack, and am always looking for ways to use it more!"

Marc Reppermund | Fox Chapel Winter League Basketball

The Solution

Reppermund knew he needed to create an online system¬†that would allow students and adults to sign up for the league. They needed to create an online registration program but felt stuck and didn’t know where to turn. Reppermund searched all summer long until he came across Formstack by searching Google for¬†drag and drop customizable forms.¬†“It was super easy and there wasn’t much of a learning curve,” said Reppermund.

An out of the box thinker, Reppermund created a site in which the referees logged in, clicked on the calendar of the dates and times they couldn’t work, hit submit and it sent a notification email to all referees who were qualified to work that level of game. It kept a paper trail and he had the ability to plug it into¬†Google Spreadsheets¬†using Formstack’s featured integration. With the old system of paying referees, they would have a time sheet mailed to the commissioner and treasurer at the end of the season and month who would then have to check and re-check for accuracy, and proceed to mailing out the checks.

With Formstack, the league was able to create a referee score reporting method that was accurate, quicker, and easier. They were able to enter the date, time, which gym they were in, the coaches name in drop down lists, and enter the scores. Once they submitted the form, it would integrate into a Google Spreadsheet which would create an online time-card. This system automatically recorded the scores, directed the notification to Reppermund’s email and increased the accuracy and accountability.

The Outcome

By using Formstack, Reppermund and league volunteers were able to save a lot of time otherwise spent in data re-entry. It also saved on paper, postage, and helped ten-fold with organization. Referees didn’t have to keep contacting the board about their paychecks and their volunteer retention has increased immensely.

Now, Fox Chapel Area Sports uses Formstack for registration and multiple other things. Reppermund loves to think outside of the box and creates his forms for each need that comes up. He creates schedule preference forms for practice times as well as award and appreciation dinners, pre-season training clinic sign-ups, order forms, and even time-sheets for concession workers. Not only does Reppermund use Formstack for the league, he’s also been able to use the¬†drag and drop forms¬†for his full-time sales position. The mobile friendly forms help him with data entry on the road and during sales calls. “It was a huge improvement over the previous year,” he said.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Industry: Sports & Entertainment

Challenge: Recording the scores of every game by coaches and referees without the confusing miscommunication and organization of email and phone calls.

Solution: Drag and drop form that allows referees and coaches to sign in, record the game scores, the amount of time they worked, record the data and notify the right person.

Benefits: Reduced the amount of communication needed between referees, coaches, and commissioners, increased organization, and saved time.

About Fox Chapel Area Sports

Fox Chapel Area Sports is a community league of sports for kids in 2nd grade through adults, men and women, as well as a league for men age forty and above. The organization has been around for thirty years and was started as a recreational program for the community as well as a feeder program for the high school sports teams.

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