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Case Study

Evolving Solutions

The Challenge

Evolving Solutions needed a way for their “Big Santo” (Big Santo is a web marketing suite and content management system) clients to easily collect data from their websites. Every client’s needs are different so they needed to find a product that was diverse enough to fill the needs of everyone. Chris Nadeau, Chief Love Officer, was reading an article on a popular technology blog, Mashable, about a powerful online form builder and decided to give it a try.

"Formstack has allowed us to focus on what we do best and offer a cost effective option to our customers that want a dynamic form on their websites."

Chris Nadeu | Evolving Solution
Chief Love Officer

The Solution

After trying Formstack’s web form builder for a few days, Nadeau knew he had found the perfect solution. Formstack gave him all of the functionality he needed and was pleased with how quickly, easily, and efficiently he could build any kind of web form based on each client’s needs. It is also a very cost-effective solution for each of his clients that don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for an online form.

Evolving Solutions now uses Formstack for all of their clients who need to create forms such as: job applications, file upload forms, event registrations, contact forms, grant submission forms, volunteer applications, and many more. They also use many of our third-party applications for taking payments with applications like PayPal and Authorize.NET along with adding subscribers to email lists with integrations like Mailchimp.

The Outcome

By using Formstack’s online web form builder, Evolving Solutions has been able to give their clients an easy solution for collecting data from their websites quickly and efficiently. Formstack has been a great addition to Evolving Solutions’ business strategy as it helps them focus more on serving their clients in other key areas. Because of this, Formstack has helped Evolving Solutions save thousands of dollars a year in costs of developers and other processes that would take away from the company’s key focus.

Location: St. John, New Brunswick

Industry: Web Design

Challenge: Evolving Solutions needed a product that would help their clients easily collect data. They needed a product that was diverse enough to fit their client’s every need.

Solution: Evolving Solutions found Formstack to have the functionality they needed to grow their client’s presence and fit their needs in the marketplace. They can now build any web form they need for their clients in a cost-efficient way.

Benefits: Formstack is diverse enough to fit every client’s web form needs while being cost efficient for startup companies.

About Evolving Solutions

Evolving Solutions helps small businesses grow their business through web marketing. They offer services such as website development, blogging strategy, and social media coaching. They also have another production called “Big Santo” that allows businesses to get on the web quickly, easily, and with maximum impact.

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