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Case Study

EBSI Websites

The Challenge

EBSI Websites is a web design firm that focuses on creating high-quality designs without a huge price tag that you will find with many web/design studios.

As the demand for new websites increased, the need for online forms for each individual website also became apparent. With many developers on staff, they stared creating their own online form from scratch, but the time required to code all of the forms they needed would take hours, if not days. Knowing that online form are crucial to every website, they needed a quicker and easier solution than manually coding each form.

The Solution

After searching for online form creator software, they found a few applications that looked great, but those solutions never had all of the features EBSI was looking for. Before giving up the search, Russel Tanner, Co-Owner of EBSI Websites, came across Formstack and realized he found his match. Tanner was very impressed with the functionality that came with the application and how easy it was to create exactly what they were looking for.

EBSI now uses the online form creator for a majority of the websites they create. Whether they need a basic contact form or a more complicated form such as a lightweight online ordering system, they always turn to Formstack for a quick resolution. EBSI ale uses many of Formstack's third party integrations to not only collect data in Formstack's database, but also push that data out to other applications their clients use on a daily basis, such as Google Docs, Mailchimp, and Highrise.

The Outcome

Since creating their first online form through Formstack several years ago, EBSI has not only been able to save countless hours of development time that used to be spent creating forms from scratch, but they have also been able to save nearly $5,000 from costs associated with hiring new developers for just online form creation. "Not having Formstack would be ugly. We are now very efficient with our time and we can also give our clients a quick and easy solution that will help their business become successful," states Tanner.

Industry: Web Design

Challenge: Building forms faster without hiring more developers.

Solution: A robust form builder that would save EBSI both time and money.

Benefits: Saved countless hours of development time that used to be spent creating forms from scratch.

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