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Case Study

Crumbs & Doilies

The Challenge

As the cupcake shop began to grow and become more popular by Londoners with a sweet tooth, they found themselves getting many emails to request cupcake orders but found that they would always have to communicate several times before they could get all of the information they needed to complete that order.

The system became challenging and was unorganized but they were certain they could find a better solution, rent processes and also find a solution that would reduce many of the errors that occurred from before the paper forms were filled out until the form had been filed away.

"We really like the ease of use, the flexibility and the simple integration options. Formstack’s online forms allow us to gather the information we need easily and professionally without ever appearing standardized or impersonal to our customers."

Jemma Wilson | Crumbs & Doilies

The Solution

Crumbs and Doilies’ expertise is based in the makeup of a tasty treat rather than the make-up of an html form. After investigating the possibility of building online forms online forms to prompt clients to give the information they needed, they quickly realized they had limited knowledge of HTML and CSS. They knew that an online form provider would be an ideal solution for the ability to create and implement forms quickly and easily. Crumbs and Doilies started out by signing up with Formstack’s free account to see if the use of buildable forms would be a good fit for their small business. They loved what they saw and knew this would be a perfect solution for their needs.

Crumbs and Doilies now uses Formstack’s online forms for almost every part of their online process. The online ordering process starts out with the customer filling out a standard contact form with information they will need to get the order started. Because they can’t take everyone’s delivery order (they can only deliver within a certain area), the customers that have been approved are sent another order form to collect more detailed information about their order and can then complete their payment process online.

Going beyond order forms, Crumbs and Doilies now uses Formstack’s online forms for a number of things such as:

  • Online job applications
  • Contact forms for general information & to begin the order process
  • Online order forms for cupcake orders
  • Quote calculators for order pricing
  • Contests for customers

The Outcome

By incorporating Formstack’s online forms into their website, Crumbs and Doilies has effectively cut down on the amount of correspondence between their team and the customer. Not only are they able to get cupcake order information quickly, they automatically have it sent to the correct employee via routing logic.

“By effectively prompting customers to provide essential pieces of information all the way through the order process, from first contact to placing the final order, Formstack’s forms make our lives much easier”, stated Wilson.

By implementing the online form strategy, Crumbs and Doilies has been able to increase their organization skills and grow their empire and bring in new customers with a craving for some sweets that wouldn’t have found them otherwise!

Location: London, England

Industry: Small Business

Challenge: Collecting customer information and orders in a stress-free and timely manner.

Solution:┬áSimple forms with no coding involved that would take customer’s information quickly and easily.

Benefits: Reduced the amount of stress, time, and energy it took to obtain simple information from the customer to fulfill the cupcake order.

About Crumbs & Doilies

Crumbs and Doilies is a small, London-based cupcake shop. They bake for bespoke orders during the week and on weekends, which they take via their website. They also run a market stall every Saturday in Chelsea, South West London. Crumbs and Doilies pride themselves on making the best-tasting and best-looking cupcakes they can.

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