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Case Study

Covewater Paddle

The Challenge

Covewater was using a third-party registration company for online class registration. This system worked well, but it became too complex and expensive for what they needed and wanted in a third-party application. The process in place was also burdensome. The interface was hard to use, and the service was very expensive. Their customers were also required to submit nonessential information to simply register for a one-time class. Because of this, many customers turned away or were reluctant to give out their information.

"If you are looking for an easy to use, affordable, seamless solution for data receipt of your customers, Formstack is all of the above. It is an incredibly simple, secure, and easy to use registration interface for both us and our customers!"

Scott Ruble | Covewater Paddle

The Solution

Scott Ruble, owner of Covewater, suggested to his webmaster they find a different solution that would better fit their needs. After doing some research on the most popular online registration applications, their webmaster suggested they try out an online form builder application called Formstack.

Presently, Covewater uses Formstack for all of their paddleboard classes that require online registration including their classes: Basic Intro to Stand Up Paddling and their Women’s intro to Stand Up Paddling. They can now gather key information from the customer and in return, maximize their customers’ experience. They also use specific form fields to manually collect coupon codes and have their customer electronically “sign” a liability waiver on the online form.

The Outcome

Covewater Paddle Surf has reaped the benefits of integrating Formstack’s online forms into their website. They have been able to address the complex issues from their previous provider as well as develop a more convenient way for customers to register for classes, and, not to mention, save them money. Formstack has conveniently saved them over $500 per year as well as time and energy that needed to be spent elsewhere…such as in the water. “Formstack is an incredibly simple, secure, and easy to use registration interface for both us and our customers,” stated Ruble.

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Industry: Small Business

Challenge: The third-party registration company they previously used to sign up participants for classes was complex and expensive.

Solution: Formstack’s online forms to gather key information for class registration at a smaller expense.

Benefits: Saves over $500 per year, resolved problems from previous provider, and gave participants an easy way to sign up for classes.

About Covewater

Covewater Paddle Surf is a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) shop located in Santa Cruz, CA offering SUP sales, rentals, and lessons. Stand Up paddling is the world’s fastest growing water sport and can be done anywhere on the planet where there is a body of water. The owners and employees of Covewater Paddle Surf are all stand up paddlers. They have first-hand knowledge about stand up paddling and provide the equipment needed. Covewater offers classes for new paddlers, a board shop, and equipment rental.

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