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Case Study

Church at Charlotte

The Challenge

Every year, Church at Charlotte hosts many events including Bible studies, kid’s camps, Vacation Bible School, dinners, and much more. With so many events taking place in and around the church, an online application was needed to easily and quickly organize information for each event. The existing process included using paper forms and having them mailed back in along with a payment for each event. This process was time consuming, and getting the form in the hands of the right person was always a difficult task. When the staff decided to do a website overhaul, Chuck Jones, Worship Pastor, knew it was the right time to begin looking for an online form solution.

The Solution

Before the new website redesign took place, Jones did a Google search for 'online event registration forms' found Formstack. After reviewing all of the companies listed in the search, Jones found Formstack to be the best value, considering the features and price.

Once the new website went live, event registrations, feedback forms, and surveys all took place by using Formstack’s online forms. Not only does the application save the staff many hours, the use of features, such as conditional logic and routing logic, has also made it easier for the right person to receive the form once it has been submitted, reducing the task of finding out where the form needs to be.

The Outcome

Church at Charlotte was able to simplify many processes for both staffers and church members. Countless hours of manually entering tedious data from paper form into the computer system is now spent on more important things to keep the church running smoothly. Members know that the forms will get to where they need to go because of the ease of routing logic and the notification systems within Formstack. The forms are more organized, kept in one place, and can be used simply to collect data and create events from start to finish with ease.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Industry: Nonprofit

Challenge: Church at Charlotte hosts many different events and activities for its members during the course of the year. Each event needs registration and sign-ups in order for them to get a head count as well as to collect payments for the event. These forms were mailed out and received, but not always given to the right person.

Solution: A one stop shop for members to fill out forms for events and pay online at the same time without the clutter of paper forms on multiple staffers’ desks.

Benefits: Higher level of organization and saved time for both staffers and its members.

About Church at Charlotte

Church at Charlotte is an Evangelical Free Church of America located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The church opened in 1973, and has grown from a small rural church to a large 2,200-member church in the past 30 years, and still continues to grow every year.

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