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Case Study

AYS Kids

The Challenge

As AYS started offering more programs and events for children, they needed to find a way to cut down on the amount of money they were spending by sending out paper registration forms, mailing confirmation letters, and surveys. Every time someone would register they would have to mail or fax in a paper form filled out by hand and then AYS would manually send a follow up letter along with any additional information regarding the event. This process required hours of manual labor, money for postage, and the expense of paper and printing materials.

After several years of collecting information by paper, Leslie Hankins, Assistant Director of Resource Development, knew there had to be a better solution.

"If we didn’t have Formstack, we would be collecting a lot of paper and trying to file and sort them. And probably making more phone calls and catching up with voicemails. Whereas, Formstack lets people send in their data, at any time during the day. So it helps both the user and it helps us as well."

Jenny Wyrick | AYS Kids
Director of Training

The Solution

While Hankins and Jenny Wyrick, Director of Training, were at a lunch and learn at NPower Indiana, a network of locally based nonprofit organizations, they learned about Formstack, an online form builder that would allow them to build any kind of online form they needed. Upon returning to their office, the first thing they did was check out Formstack and after seeing what it could provide for AYS, they instantly fell in love.

AYS Kids now uses Formstack and its powerful functionality to run most of the organization’s processes including event and workshop registrations, merchandise order forms, feedback forms, contact forms, surveys, and more.

“Formstack is awesome! It is really user friendly, allows us to collect the data we need, store it, and we can export the data if needed. It is a tool we use every day and wouldn’t be where we are today in our organization today without it. It is everything we have been looking for,” said Hankins.

The Outcome

Since AYS began using Formstack, operations have run much more smoothly. In this digital age, companies, non-profits, and organizations need to have an online presence. By incorporating Formstack’s online forms into their website, AYS has been able to cut down on the amount of money spent on paper products.

Thousands of dollars saved are now being used in other areas of the programs with the sole intent of helping the children. “Formstack has allowed us to effectively collect information and process registrations. It is very adaptable to our needs and we are able to create forms however and whenever we want,” says Wyrick. Not only has using the online form builder been an easy way for AYS to keep track of data, store files, and connect with volunteers in a quick and accessible manner, but it has also helped AYS and their programs save on time, money, and energy!

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Industry: Nonprofit

Challenge: : AYS was spending thousands of dollars per year on paper, storage, and filing systems. The amount of paperwork through job applications, volunteer applications, kids programs, and more eventually became expensive and time consuming.

Solution: Substitute all paper applications and forms for online forms for a quick, easy, environmentally friendly, and functional solution to collecting data.

Benefits: Saved thousands of dollars per year, cut down on paperwork, saved space by using online storage, and saved time spent organizing and filing paper form.

About AYS Kids

AYS Kids (At Your School Child Services) is a non-profit organization that offers 45 programs for more than 1,500 kids across the state of Indiana. AYS offers programs such as before and after school programs, early childhood programs to better prepare children for kindergarten, and many summer camps for kids of all ages. AYS enriches the learning and well-being of children in a safe, caring and fun environment outside of the school day. These programs help families overcome transportation and financial issues associated with half-day kindergarten. AYS has also opened several early childhood programs that use research-based curriculum to prepare children for school.

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