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Case Study

Angie's List

The Challenge

Angie’s List attracts affluent homeowners who become members via the website. When the website is down for scheduled maintenance, which happens at least once a month for 15 minutes or more, the company has no way to capture interested potential members. During these down periods, Angie’s List has always posted a modified homepage asking potential members to come back later.

With a scheduled four-hour maintenance update fast approaching, Gary Rush, Angie’s List vice president of technology, started looking for a solution that would help capture information from interested prospects while the website was offline.

"From our perspective, a member missed is a sale lost. Formstack worked fast and provided us the perfect solution to give Angie’s List a way to substantially mitigate the effect of an outage, and for very little cost. We recouped our investment in Formstack after only three days."

Gary Rush | Angie’s List
Vice President of Technology

The Solution

Just three days before the extended four-hour outage, Angie’s List selected Formstack, an innovative and feature rich solution for collecting and managing information online. Using Formstack, Angie’s List personnel quickly created a customized form that would integrate with AngiesList.com and collect information from interested homeowners who visited the site when it was undergoing maintenance.

Angie’s List created a modified homepage that informed visitors about the maintenance update and offered homeowners a promo code with an attractive offer if they would enter their contact information on the Formstack form. Information captured on the form was downloaded by the Angie’s List marketing team, who were then able to follow up with a personal and relevant email to encourage the homeowners to become members.

The Outcome

By integrating with Formstack, Angie’s List was able to keep track of visitors to their site when they wouldn’t have been able to before. Formstack’s easy to use html forms were used to collect potential member information and turn them into members. Formstack not only helped them on their downtime, but also generated new sales for them as well as fixed the costly and challenging issue of collecting information for their site.

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Industry: Small Business

Challenge: During site maintenance downtimes, Angie’s List had no way of collecting information from potential members.

Solution: Angie’s List turned to Formstack, an online form builder that would help them collect important data.

Benefits: Quick and efficient way to collect potential customer’s information and route that data to the right Angie’s employees.

About Angie's List

Angie’s List is an online service that provides homeowners access to thousands of unbiased reports and reviews about service companies in their area. Members share their experiences with each other so that they can choose the service company that’s right for their job the first time around.

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