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The two most popular Drupal form builders, WebForms and Form Maker, are simple to use, but fall far short of the capabilities and features of a third-party solution. We'll show you why Formstack is the best alternative.

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How we stack up on

Formstack is a clear stand out with more robust form features, intuitive sharing capabilities and top-tier security. Don't believe us? Here's how we stack up:

Online Form Builder Comparison Chart

Formstack 123FormBuilder Adobe Google Gravity Forms Form Assembly Formsite EmailMeForm Jotform TypeForm Wufoo



Adobe® FormsCentral

Google® Forms

Gravity Forms

Form Assembly






Payment Processors

11 10 1 0 5 4 3 9 More info 1 10

3rd-party Integrations

40+ 30 0 0 12 11 4 16 More info 1 12

Calculating Fields

Formstack calculating fields 123FormBuilder calculating fields Gravity Forms calculating fields Form Assembly calculating fields Formsite calculating fields Jotform calculating fields

Conditional Logic

Formstack conditional logic 123FormBuilder conditional logic Adobe conditional logic Gravity Forms conditional logic Form Assembly conditional logic Formsite conditional logic EmailMeForm conditional logic Jotform conditional logic TypeForm conditional logic Wufoo conditional logic

Full HTML Access (customizable)

Formstack full HTML 123FormBuilder full HTML Adobe full HTML Form Assembly full HTML Formsite full HTML Jotform full HTML TypeForm full HTML Wufoo full HTML

Save & Resume

Formstack save and resume 123FormBuilder save and resume Adobe save and resume Form Assembly save and resume Formsite save and resume EmailMeForm save and resume Jotform save and resume

256-Bit SSL (security)

Formstack 256-bit SSL 123FormBuilder 256-bit SSL Adobe 256-bit SSL Form Assembly 256-bit SSL Formsite 256-bit SSL EmailMeForm 256-bit SSL Jotform 256-bit SSL

Mobile-ready (responsive)

Formstack Mobile-ready 123FormBuilder Mobile-ready Adobe Mobile-ready Gravity Forms Mobile-ready Form Assembly Mobile-ready Formsite Mobile-ready EmailMeForm Mobile-ready Jotform Mobile-ready TypeForm Mobile-ready Wufoo Mobile-ready

Mobile Apps

Formstack AppleFormstack WindowsFormstack Android Google Forms Android Jotform AppleJotform Android

Admin Brand Control

Formstack admin brand control 123FormBuilder admin brand control Adobe admin brand control Gravity Forms admin brand control Form Assembly admin brand control Formsite admin brand control EmailMeForm admin brand control Jotform admin brand control TypeForm admin brand control Wufoo admin brand control

Approval Workflow

Formstack approval workflow 123FormBuilder approval workflow Jotform approval workflow

Digital Signatures

Formstack digital signatures 123FormBuilder digital signatures Gravity Forms digital signatures FormAssembly digital signatures Formsite digital signatures Jotform digital signatures

Email Logic Routing

Formstack email logic routing 123FormBuilder email logic routing Gravity Forms email logic routing FormAssembly email logic routing Jotform email logic routing Wufoo email logic routing

Facebook Tab Embed

Formstack Facebook tab embed 123FormBuilder Facebook tab embed EmailMeForm Facebook tab embed Jotform Facebook tab embed Wufoo Facebook tab embed

Google Analytics Plugin

Formstack google analytics plugin 123FormBuilder google analytics plugin


Formstack subaccounts 123FormBuilder subaccounts Form Assembly subaccounts Formsite subaccounts EmailMeForm subaccounts Jotform subaccounts


Formstack subdomains FormAssembly subdomains Jotform subdomains Wufoo subdomains

Webhooks & Open API

Formstack webhooks open API 123FormBuilder webhooks open API Gravity Forms webhooks open API Form Assembly webhooks open API Formsite webhooks open API Jotform webhooks open API TypeForm webhooks open API Wufoo webhooks open API

508 Compliant

Formstack 508 compliance FormAssembly 508 compliance

Annual Discount

Formstack 123FormBuilder Gravity Forms FormAssembly Annual Discount EmailMeForm Jotform TypeForm Wufoo

Nonprofit Discount

Formstack 123FormBuilder Form Assembly EmailMeForm TypeForm Wufoo

Zero Overage Charges

Formstack no overages 123FormBuilder no overages Adobe no overages Google Forms no overages Gravity Forms no overages Form Assembly no overages Formsite no overages Jotform no overages

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More leads. More...

Sure, Drupal's options are free. But is your goal to not spend money or to capture leads? Formstack's Advanced Features return that investment with increased conversions.


While both apps offer basic form metrics, Formstack's Google Analytics plugin helps you get the most traction on your form. Track views, referring traffic, and abandonment rates across any time period. Pair your Google Analytics account with Formstack's in-app metrics to identify what fields are causing visitors to leave your form.

Social Media

Formstack's Facebook Embed Tab lets you insert your form directly on your company Facebook page. Use Formstack's Facebook Embed feature to collect event registrations, email newsletter signups, contest entries and more... right from Facebook!


The average smartphone user picks up their device 150 times a day. All Formstack forms are optimized and mobile responsive. We've built them to adapt to the type of device they are being viewed on, making it easy for anyone to complete your forms. Hooray for less scrolling and pinching on mobile phones!

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Use our simple drag & drop builder to create a form with just a few clicks. A convenient field menu, intuitive themes, and instant preview make it easy for anyone on your team to build the perfect form.

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"This tool is phenomenal. Formstack is so much easier to use, and the functionality is unsurpassed."

Tiffany Tobol | Creative: MMS

"Formstack is far more intuitive than Wufoo or other services I've tried."

Marie Reynolds | Mount Laurel Schools

"I did find it really stupidly simple to create a form—even one with some complexity—so it is elegant software that perfectly fits a bill."

Todd Kasenberg | Guiding Star Communications and Consulting