The Formstack Brand Design System includes tokens, helpers, and components to help our Design Team build a consistent and harmonious experience across our Brand site. Rather than continuously re-inventing the wheel and focusing on solely on pixel building, our team can focus on user experience, interaction, creativity, and efficiency. In order to maintain a living and breathing design system, these guidelines have space for flexibility and are continuously updated and revised as our brand evolves.

Getting Started

  1. Get an overview of our tokens, which define how to use colors, font sizes, spacing, weights, line-heights, borders, and more.
  2. Review the utility classes, which assist with general padding, margin, text color, and other various properties. These classes help cut down on custom Sass, and assist with scalability of our system.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the existing Components, which can be incorporated into any design. Each component provides documentation and mark-up.



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