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Infographic: How to Transform the Patient Experience

Improve patient satisfaction and retention by transforming your patient check-in process with this secure, simple, and efficient workflow.

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  • Change to email subjects

    By popular demand, we have removed the that preceded the subject line on incoming submission emails. The tag was originally introduced to make it easier…

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  • Personalized responses

    Some new functionality has been added to Formstack — personalized responses. You can now use the data entered in a form directly in the web…

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  • New field settings

    A couple new settings have been added to Formstack fields. Both of these can be found under the field settings on the field design page.…

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  • Valid, accessible XHTML

    Maybe you already knew this, but every form created by Formstack passes XHTML and CSS validation. If you’re a web designer struggling to create forms…

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  • An easier way to use your forms remotely

    There’s now an easier way to use your forms remotely. If you want to include a form on your own site within an existing page,…

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  • A new website

    You might have noticed already, but we launched a new website today along with a new logo. These changes won’t affect any functionality with the…

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  • Use images, links, and more in your forms and messages

    Now Formstack includes a rich text editor that allows you to dress up your forms and messages with images, links and more — all without…

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  • New blog

    In the interest of creating a way for you to receive timely announcements and notices about the Formstack service without cluttering your email inbox, we’ve…

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