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New: Collect Offline Form Submissions with Formstack

June 13, 2018
Min Read

We’re excited to announce that Formstack now has the ability to accept offline form submissions. Our new Offline Forms add-on—powered by Formstack Go, a new mobile app for iOS and Android—allows you to capture form data without a live internet connection, storing the data locally on the device and uploading it to the cloud once a connection is available. Offline functionality is a top request on the Formstack Ideas site, and we’re happy to bring it to life. Now those in highly mobile fields—such as sales, construction, and manufacturing—have a way to capture information digitally, reducing reliance on paper forms and manual data entry.Want to know more? Here’s a quick look at Offline Forms and Formstack Go:

Offline Forms Add-On

The Offline Forms add-on allows you to capture form submissions without an internet connection, Wi-Fi, or LTE data usage. Any data submitted while offline will sync to the database as soon as an internet connection is established. The add-on retains third-party web app integrations and workflow automation processes as well, so you can still automate processes and boost productivity from remote locations.

Formstack Go App

Formstack Go + Offline Forms

Formstack Go provides the avenue for accessing your online forms while offline. It also lets you lock a device into a limited kiosk mode, which automatically reloads a form after each submission for continual submission. It also prevents submitters from accidentally exiting out of the form or navigating to a different part of the app, providing a hassle-free form process for events and trade shows. Additionally, the app allows you to add your most important mobile forms to a Quick Menu for easy access.

Offline Forms can be added to any Formstack plan. If you’re interested in this powerful offline form functionality, click here to contact our sales team.


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