Using Formstack Portals to Streamline Patient Onboarding

Written by Lacey Jackson on June 5, 2020

Posted in Builders

Throughout 2020, providers have had to reconsider how they interact with their patients. For example, we’ve seen a major increase in the adoption of telehealth solutions in order to continue to care for patients. If you haven’t digitized your patient onboarding process, there has never been a better time.

We’ve created a super quick and easy tutorial to show how you can use Formstack’s multi-product solution to build a digital patient onboarding process. This tutorial shows how to use Formstack Portals to set up a general patient onboarding process, but it could be easily tailored to specific scenarios, such as streamlining COVID-19 testing. This workflow allows patients to easily locate and complete important forms in a single location. The information submitted on their forms can be automatically routed to software, such as an EHR, used to populate digital documents, and sent to the patient for signing.

Learn More: If your office is treating COVID-19 patients, we have templates to help you streamline your processes and limit patient contact as efficiently as possible.

Builders blog time requirements

Once you’ve built your forms and documents, this workflow will take about 20 minutes to set up. Check out Formstack’s healthcare templates if you need inspiration for building your patient onboarding forms.

Builders blog tools requirements

Builders blog instructions

1. Upload your document. In your Formstack Documents account, upload documents     you need patients to sign before their appointment.
2. Establish your delivery. Ensure that your Formstack Sign account has been     authenticated and map the fields for patient name and email.
3. Build your forms. Create your patient onboarding forms to collect information, such     as patient health history, and map form fields to document fields.
4. Add forms to your Patient Portal. After all of your patient onboarding forms have     been built, create a Portal and add your forms.

Today’s patients expect more convenience and greater respect for their time. Visit our patient empowerment page to learn more about using Formstack to reimagine the patient journey.

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