Introducing Ripple Effect: Formstack’s Productivity Podcast

Written by Lindsay McGuire on January 30, 2020

Posted in Formstack Updates, Workflow Automation

What difference has your work made today?

Problem solvers all over the world often struggle with this question. Conquering our biggest workplace challenges isn’t proven by ROI and data alone. It takes impact on people to truly move the needle forward.

Ripple Effect Podcast quote from CEO Chris Byers

We all create ripples of impact through the work we do every day, even if we don’t always see it. Our new podcast, Ripple Effect reveals how simple decisions can have a lasting effect on others.

On this podcast, you’ll hear how our customers use Formstack to solve problems. We discover how they tackle their biggest workplace challenges, and share productivity tips along the way.

Listen in as Formstack’s CEO Chris Byers digs into how the small choices we make can create lasting change. As Chris connects with professionals from all over the country, he reveals how making simple, yet smart business decisions can cause a ripple effect.

Our first episode features Celeste Ballou, Director of Digital Marketing at Pacers Sports & Entertainment. You won’t want to miss out on her words of wisdom about teamwork, efficiency, and productivity. Subscribe to Ripple Effect’s email alerts now to ensure you don’t miss the first episode.

Celeste Ballou, Director of Digital Marketing at Pacers Sports & Entertainment is the first gues on Ripple Effect, a Formstack podcast.

After listening to our podcast, you may think differently about who you’ve impacted recently. You can listen to the trailer now to get a taste of what Ripple Effect is all about before our first episode launches on February 13.