Going Paperless to Boost Productivity: 5 Apps That Can Help

Written by Lindsay McGuire on March 23, 2020

Posted in Workflow Automation

Are you interested in boosting productivity and improving your workday? We thought so. One thing that seems to constantly impact productivity is paper. It slows down processes, creates bottlenecks, and isn’t very environmentally friendly.

Just think about all the printing, signing, scanning, and mailing involved with paper. It takes a lot of work to keep a paper process going. As remote work becomes more prevalent and fewer people have printers, scanners, and other office tech at home, it’s more important than ever to transition paper processes to digital ones.

Of course, we are big advocates of automated document generation, eSignatures, and online forms–no surprise there! But we want to share some other helpful apps you can use to go paperless and be more productive.

evernote logo

Evernote: No list of apps for going paperless would be complete without mentioning this quintessential productivity app. Evernote lets you get rid of unnecessary pieces of paper by allowing you to take notes, photograph receipts, make lists, clip web pages, and more. Available for free on phones, tablets and desktop or laptop computers, it’s the perfect paperless solution for keeping everything together in one place.

Dropbox logo

Dropbox: Consider this helpful app your virtual and paper-free filing cabinet. With Dropbox, you can securely and easily store, manage, and share all of your important documents. Its availability across devices also means that you will never be without access to the documents you store there. The service is free for up to a generous 2GB of files, and additional space is available for purchase.

long form tipsDid you know?: Stash is Formstack’s simple and convenient online storage tool that can help your team stay organized and collaborative.

camcard logo

CamCard: Business cards are great for sharing contact information, but they’re also really good at cluttering your wallet or desk too. Enter CamCard, a virtual rolodex for all of those pesky, yet handy business cards. Using their iOS or Android app, you simply snap a photo of a business card and it extracts pertinent information like company name, job title, email address, and phone number to add to your contact list.

expensify logo

Expensify: Ah, the dreaded expense report. With receipts to print, scan, or staple, completing or processing an expense report is an unenviable task for everyone involved. With Expensify, capturing receipt data, tracking time or mileage, and creating expense reports is quick and easy. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial, and monthly plans start at $5 per month after that.

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Formstack Go: We couldn’t complete this list without featuring at least one of our products! Formstack Go is our mobile app, which was recently revamped with lots of exciting new features. The great things about Formstack Go is that you can use it without an internet connection, making offline data collection a breeze. Say goodbye to paper sign in sheets and surveys!

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