G2 Ranks Formstack as a Leader in 3 Categories

Written by Formstack on July 28, 2020

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Formstack is bringing the heat in the G2 2020 Grid Reports

Formstack Forms, Formstack Documents, and Formstack Sign were all identified as leaders in their categories. The G2 2020 Summer Grid Report aggregates user review data to help businesses make informed decisions about possible software options. Formstack was ranked as a grid leader in the categories of form building, document generation, and eSignature collection.

Formstack’s top scores include:

          90% of users say Formstack is easy to use
          92% of users say Formstack is easy to do business with
          97% of users said Formstack Sign was easy to set up
          97% of users said Formstack Documents provides high quality support

As the world’s largest tech marketplace, G2 is home to more than one million verified users reviews across hundreds of categories. Each month, millions of users log in to G2 to provide product feedback and help other businesses make choices on software. Formstack products have been reviewed over 600 times on the site.

“The thing I love most [about Formstack] is the ease of use and the variety of options. We have created forms for users to complete surveys, planning documents, registrations, tests, payments, and confirmations. It is a great system for admins to use and straight forward for end users.”

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All Formstack products ranked as leading software in their category based on more than 60 attributes, from product satisfaction to market presence. You can read each of the full reports here:

At Formstack, we’re dedicated to providing an easy-to-use product suite and a quality customer service experience. It’s great to see those efforts recognized. With Formstack, every member of your team is equipped with the tools they need to build agile workflows without code. You can use features, such as Conditional Logic, to customize your forms, use form data to automatically populate documents, and collect eSignatures all with an easy-to-use interface and a streamlined customer support experience.

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