How to Create Automated Sales Workflows with Formstack Documents and Airtable

Written by Lacey Jackson on April 16, 2020

Posted in Builders, Partners

Airtable is a great tool to help you organize, store, and share your spreadsheet data. It helps your organization avoid data silos by making business data accessible from anywhere. Connecting your Airtable and Formstack Documents account is quick and easy to set up. After the initial set up, you can start generating documents with the click of a button.

In today’s Builders tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use Formstack Documents to automate sales workflows such as monthly invoice generation and sales agreement eSignature collection.

Builders blog time requirements

This workflow will take about 20 minutes to create.

Builders blog tools requirements

Builders blog instructions

1. Upload your sales documents. Upload your customer invoice and sales agreement     templates complete with merge fields to your Formstack Documents account.

NOTE: The merge fields in your document must match the fields in your Airtable account exactly. Make sure everything is spelled and capitalized correctly.

2. Set up your delivery. Send a customized email to your customers with a way to     contact a member of your sales team for more information. You can also send     customers a copy of their submission.

3. Add the Formstack Documents Block to your Airtable account. Authenticate your     Formstack Documents account by adding your API Key and Secret.

4. Select your record. Select the record(s) with the data you want in your document     and select “Create Document.” It’s that easy!

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