Streamline Your Donation Process with Formstack Salesforce App and Stripe

Written by Lacey Jackson on February 27, 2020

Posted in Builders

Efficient data management is difficult for any organization. But for nonprofits, good data management practices are central to running a smooth operation.

In episode two of the Formstack podcast, Ripple Effect, Formstack CEO Chris Byers caught up with Cloud for Good Founder and CEO Tal Frankfut. Cloud for Good is a Premium Partner specializing in donor management, case management, and marketing automation implementations for nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions. In the episode, Frankfurt shares how Cloud for Good produces results while ensuring his organization creates impact throughout the world.

This Builders workflow outlines a workflow similar to the one used by Cloud for Good and Formstack customer Make-A-Wish. This workflow will show how to use Formstack Salesforce app and Stripe to streamline and digitize a donation process.

Builders blog time requirements

This workflow will take about 25 minutes to create.

Builders blog tools requirements

Builders blog instructions

1. Establish your primary Object. Create a custom Object to collect the information     you need.
2. Build your form. Use fields from any standard or custom Salesforce Objects to     create your form.
3. Connect your Stripe account. Log in and authenticate your Stripe account.
4. Run a test. Fill out your donation form with test data to see your workflow in action!

To hear how Cloud for Good uses this workflow, check out our podcast. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when new videos come out.