Respond to Leads Faster with the Formstack Salesforce App

Written by Lacey Jackson on April 30, 2020

Posted in Builders

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to connecting with your leads. According to Harvard Business Review, only 26% of companies respond within five minutes of an inquiry. This number is shockingly low when you consider companies that respond within an hour of a customer’s inquiry are seven times more likely to qualify a lead.

What if I told you it’s possible to create an automated, customized, lead follow-up experience? In today’s Builders tutorial, we’re going to walk through how you can embed a web-to-lead form on your site, automatically send that data to Salesforce, and generate an automated email based on details provided by the lead.

Builders blog time requirements

This workflow will take about 20 minutes to setup.

Builders blog tools requirements

Builders blog instructions

1. Establish your Primary Object. Connect your form to any standard or custom     object in your Salesforce account so new records are created when lead data comes     in.
2. Create your web-to-lead form. Use fields from Objects directly in your Salesforce     org to create your form.
3. Prepare an automated email. Use field details such as name or area of interest to     tailor your automated email to fit your customer.
4. Run a test. Fill out your web-to-lead form with test data to see your workflow in     action!

To hear how Formstack higher education client CNM Ingenuity uses Formstack Salesforce app to send leads directly to Salesforce, check out our podcast!

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