Digitize Student Information Requests with Formstack Workflows

Written by Lacey Jackson on March 13, 2020

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With eight campuses in Southern California and a number of online degree programs, Azusa Pacifc University (APU) serves and educates students across the US and internationally. With thousands of students sharing information and making requests, data management can become a struggle.

In episode three of the Formstack podcast, Ripple Effect, Formstack CEO Chris Byers talks with Azusa Pacific University’s Productivity Solutions Product Manager, Kow Samman, about how APU inspires and enables productivity across the university. To do this, they had to implement a lot of changes.

Learn More: Check out Azusa Pacific University’s full case study.

This Builders tutorial is inspired by one such workflow used by Azusa Pacific University to streamline how student documents, such as transcripts, are requested and shared. In this workflow, APU used Formstack Forms and Workflows to eliminate long email threads, reduce manual data entry, minimize bottlenecks, and improve processing times.

Builders blog time requirements

Depending on the number of steps in your workflow, this process may take anywhere from 30–60 minutes to set up.

Builders blog tools requirements

Builders blog instructions

1. Build your form. Add sections to your form to direct requests to specific     departments.
2. Update your workflow. Assign sections of your form to users so workflows are sent     directly to designated team members.
3. Connect Formstack Documents. Prepare an email delivery so users receive an     overview of their request alongside their requested files.
4. Run a test!

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