Create a Custom Sales Pricing Tool with Formstack

Written by Lacey Jackson on April 9, 2020

Posted in Builders

Sales is an extremely competitive landscape, and the amount of time it takes for your sales team to respond to customers can make or break your deals. Let customers quickly access the information they need by embedding a pricing tool on your website.

This workflow tutorial will show you how to create a short, branded form where customers can enter their information to generate a cost for your goods or services. Additionally, this tutorial will showcase some key features of Formstack Forms, such as Conditional Logic, Field Calculations, and Submission Emails. Check out the video below to see how you can create a simple, branded form experience for your customers.

Builders blog time requirements

This workflow will take 30 minutes to create.

Builders blog tools requirements

This tutorial uses features of the Formstack Forms product.

Builders blog instructions

1. Create your form. Using Formstack’s drag-and-drop form builder, add the fields you     want on your form. Label your fields and mark them as required if needed.

2. Add Conditional Logic. Add Conditional Logic to your form to shorten your form so     users only see fields they need to complete.

3. Add Field Calculations. Add Field Calculations to your form so users can see the     estimated total cost of their request.

4. Prepare an email to deliver results. Send a customized email to your customers     with a way to contact a member of your sales team for more information. You can     also send customers a copy of their submission.

This tutorial is based on the workflow used by GadellNet to share pricing information with customers. To hear more from GadellNet CEO, Nick Smarrelli, check out our podcast!

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