Workplace Productivity Trivia

Written by Lindsay McGuire on October 9, 2019

Posted in Workflow Automation

When you think about workplace productivity, images of modern inventions like email, the cloud, and mobile technology probably spring to mind. Less than a quarter of the 21st century has passed, and we’ve already seen amazing inventions, such as GPS. This century has exploded with transformative tools, workflow automation solutions, and inventive technology that has completely changed the way people work.

But do you know the full story? There’s so much to cover when considering the evolution of workplace productivity, from the first tools used by cavemen to the invention of the internet.

You’ve probably read books about history’s pivotal productivity inventions, watched videos about them on the internet, and seen real-life examples in museums. Ready to put your knowledge to the test?

Take a crack at our workplace productivity quiz below to see how much you really know about the evolution of workplace productivity!

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How did you do? Did anything surprise you? Let us know on Twitter so we can share even more productivity statistics and facts with you! Feel free to share this workplace productivity trivia with friends to see if you reign supreme.

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