Using Advanced Templates

Written by Lacey Jackson on October 24, 2019

Posted in Workflow Automation

Imagine two identical organizations.

Organization 1 has an employee dedicated to administrative document generation for each department. There is an employee to cut and paste data from Salesforce to create invoices for the finance team and an employee pulling form submission data to populate contracts. They find themselves constantly scrambling to manage printed files and chase down signatures.

Organization 2 uses workflow automation to carry out these tasks. For their HR team, when someone applies using the form embedded on their website, a PDF of their application with their resume attached is automatically emailed to the phone screener to set up an appointment.

Consider the number of documents generated by your team on a daily basis. Do you have staff that could be doing more meaningful work for your organization?

We want to make it easy for you and your teams to add workflow automation to your processes. We’ve created 20+ smart templates to help you start automating your important processes. Let’s take a look at how you could use these templates to automate your donation collection and receipt generation.

Step 1: Select your template.

Let’s start by logging into your Formstack Documents account. Select “New Document,” and add a title. For this example, we’re going to start with an example template. Selecting this option will generate a dropdown menu where you can choose the “Donation Receipt.”

Next, Formstack Documents is going to ask about our delivery preferences. We want our final document to be sent to customers after they submit their payment, but we’ll also want to ensure our receipts are properly filed. Formstack Documents makes file storage easy by allowing you to save your files directly to our native cloud-storage tool, Stash.

If you’d prefer to save your files to another tool, we offer several other cloud-storage integrations. Simply select “Other Third Party Delivery” to choose a different tool.

To finish this step, we need to tell Formstack Documents that we’d like to pull our data from a Formstack form. Select “Use a data collection form.”

Step 2: Set up delivery.

In your Formstack Documents account, navigate to the “Deliver” tab. Here, we’ll create the automated email to be sent out with our receipt. Under “Send Email To,” use the dropdown picklist to select “email.” This will pull in your customer’s email to send the receipt. Under “Send Email From,” you have the option to use a no-reply email or to add an email for yourself or a member of your team. Adding a staff email address gives customers an easy way to ask questions about their donation or receipt, if needed.

Let’s move on to the body of our email. We want to ensure a great customer experience, so it’s important that we customize our email to include their name. Adding merge fields to our document lets us pull information our customers submitted on their payment form into our document and delivery email. For this example, we’re going to pull in the customer’s name and the amount of their payment. Here’s what our final email looks like:

advanced templates

Step 3: Add your form.

Now, it’s time to log in to your Formstack Forms account, and set up your donation payment collection form.

Create a new form and add a title. Select “Start with a template,” and choose “Donation Form.” You can easily update and alter the themes on your Formstack forms to add your organization’s colors or logo, but we also offer several pre-built template themes.

smart templates

Navigate to the settings tab and scroll down to “Integrations.” This is where we’ll connect our receipt template. Open the “Integration Settings” for Formstack Documents, and select your form.

Note: Keeping your data secure is our top priority! If you haven’t already added in your authentication credentials, you’ll need to do that now. You can find them in your Formstack Documents account under your profile.

smart templates

For this document, we’re just doing a single data route. If you’re interested in learning more about generating multiple documents from one form submission, check out this blog post.

Under “Document Information,” a picklist holding all the documents in your account will appear. Select your receipt template. This will generate a list of fields from your document for you to match to your form.

workflow automation

Note: There may be fields included on your form that you don’t want included on your final document. You won’t need to map these fields.

Simply turn your integration on, and you’re ready to run a test!

workflow automation

Getting started with our advanced templates is as easy as 1, 2, 3! How much time could your organization save by automating some of these processes? You can get started with both Formstack Forms and Formstack Documents today with a free trial!