Salesforce App Product Update: Release Management

Written by Lacey Jackson on May 29, 2019

Posted in Salesforce

Dear Salesforce Admins/Developers,

We know the value of being able to test, develop, and experiment with your forms inside your Salesforce sandbox. And if you’re following the Salesforce Application Lifecycle Management framework, you’re likely using multiple sandboxes with no easy way to manage them. We’ve come up with a solution!

Today, we’d like to share some information about our new Release Management Tools, which will make it easier to develop inside your Salesforce sandboxes and push faster changes to your production orgs. Salesforce admins and developers can use Sandbox Management and Form Migration tools to speed up their development and cut time spent on Salesforce sandbox refreshes and form rebuilds.

Your team can now follow the Salesforce Application Lifecycle Management framework and migrate your forms between sandboxes and production orgs. When you’re ready to start over with a Salesforce developer sandbox reset, our new Sandbox Management feature makes reinstalling Formstack in your new sandbox quick and easy.

Here are the top benefits you get out of our new solution:

Benefit 1: Develop with Confidence

Easily follow the Salesforce Application Lifecycle Management process and have confidence in making changes to your production org.

Benefit 2: Simple Migration

Upgrade your sandbox management by migrating forms between sandboxes and production orgs without having to reconnect integrations or connectors.

Benefit 3: Create Faster

Complete sandbox refreshes and get back to developing faster.

Yours in Process Automation,
The Formstack Team

We want to make sure you have the tools you need to develop, test, and push out powerful new workflows to improve your org. If you have any questions about this new feature, connect with the Formstack Salesforce app support team.