Infographic: How to Improve Sales Productivity

Written by Lindsay McGuire on November 5, 2019

Posted in Lead Generation

As a sales professional, you’re used to the daily hustle and grind. Sales is an extremely competitive landscape, and every second of your day counts. Hitting goal each month, quarter, and year is not only crucial to your personal success, but the overall success of your organization.

If you want to smash your sales goals, you need to focus on improving workplace productivity. The more time you’re able to focus on selling, the more likely you are to close deals and meet goals. But there are some major barriers standing in the way of boosting sales productivity. Repetitive tasks, manual data entry, and tedious processes are hurting many sales teams across the world.

In fact, a report by CSO Insights found that only 39.5% of a salesperson’s time is spent actually selling. If your sales team is feeling the pain of falling into common productivity traps, you’re not alone. Our Workplace Productivity Report found that teams are constantly falling short of their goals due to poor processes and inefficient tools.

There’s a solution! Workplace digitization can help boost sales productivity and transform everything from your lead capture process to how you create sales proposals and contracts. Check out the sales infographic below to see how Formstack’s sales productivity tools can help your team automate tasks so you can focus on selling.

sales productivity tools infographic

Ready to implement better processes at your organization? Our productivity platform can help your team streamline manual, time-consuming tasks so you can focus on what matters: your customers. Learn how by grabbing your copy of our Workplace Productivity Report now.