Professional Services Spotlight: Combining Formstack and WebMerge

Written by Jessica Haas on February 21, 2019

Posted in Form Hacks

In Professional Services, many of our clients are looking for an elegant solution that will help them collect data and create a PDF output for accurate and modernized recordkeeping. This is where Formstack and WebMerge can swoop in to save the day. Kick your data collection into high gear by also leveraging Professional Services to receive industry-specific insights and best practices that can quickly transform a dysfunctional (or paper) process into an elegant, digital solution.

To help you generate some creative solution ideas within your own business, we’ve highlighted the top five most requested Formstack + WebMerge use cases in Professional Services. We’ve also included details on how our document generation solutions can help improve the user experience.

1. Contracts

Formstack allows you to create customized forms for collecting all necessary contract and agreement information. If you have situational requirements in your contracts, you can control those through the form, which saves you and your clients time in the long run. When the form is submitted to WebMerge, the final documents can instantly generate, allowing you to get business done and close deals faster.

2. Patient Registration

Save your patients time and reduce frustration by utilizing Formstack’s HIPAA compliant forms for patient intake. These forms can be built with a custom appearance and a controlled workflow to ensure your patients are completing all required details appropriately. When submitted, intake data can be provided to facility staff members in a clear, readable format and saved or emailed to the patient.

3. Invoices, Quotes, and Purchase Orders

Formstack forms make it easy to control costs, discounts, service offerings, and payment routing. When coupled with WebMerge, you can streamline your billing process by building customized invoice document templates that can be sent directly to your customers.

4. Applications

For organizations processing applications at a rapid rate or looking for specific criteria points, use Formstack to manage your application process and approval workflows. Making your applications available online will speed up and improve your users’ experience. Merging your collected data with WebMerge will let you automatically send a copy of the application to the applicant to keep for their records, to sign, or to complete in more detail.

5. Event Management

Control sign-ups, available seats, dates/times, and attendee confirmations through a custom-designed Formstack form that can wow your event attendees or be seamlessly embedded into your existing site. Next, WebMerge can automatically generate customized tickets for your event.

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