Mini-Webinar Series: Harnessing the Power of Micro-Moments in Marketing

Written by Formstack on February 6, 2019

Posted in Lead Generation, Webinars + Events


A few years ago, Google coined the term micro-moment and offered this definition: “an intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need—to know, go, do, or buy.”

Today, mobile micro-moments are more ubiquitous than ever with 3.3 billion active smartphone users around the world. We have powerful mobile devices within reach nearly 24/7; as a result, our expectations for information delivery are sky-high, and we have little patience.

What does this mean for brands trying to catch consumers’ attention? Primarily, businesses must learn to anticipate consumer needs and meet those needs in the brief moments.

To help you get started, Formstack is teaming up with experts from a variety of industries to bring you a four-part mini-webinar series on micro-moments in marketing. During each webinar, we’ll focus on a different aspect of micro-moments and provide insights to help you strengthen your mobile marketing strategy.

What’s in store:

Join us for brief, 20-minute conversations on micro-moments in each webinar:

long form tipsWhat Are Micro-Moments?
Learn all about why micro-moments matter and how to maximize these windows of opportunity to increase conversions, sales, and customers. Featuring Mark Traphagen of Perficient Digital & Lindsay Johnson of Formstack.

long form tipsBuilding a Content Marketing Strategy for Micro-Moments
Discover what micro-moments and keyword strategies you need to focus on to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right audience. Featuring Andy Fuller of University of Notre Dame & Andrew Petersen of Formstack.

long form tipsSocial Media as a Collection of Micro-Moments
From sustaining timely conversations with customers to gaining momentum from current trends, find out which micro-moments matter on social media and how to tap into them. Featuring Sarah Evans of Sevans Strategy & Lindsay McGuire of Formstack.

long form tipsStrengthening Your Brand Reputation for Micro-Moments
Discover smart strategies for reputation management and how to guide leads from initial searches and research to final purchases and good reviews. Featuring MK Getler of BirdEye & Clint Buechler of Formstack.


You don’t want to miss these important conversations on micro-moments!