Infographic: How to Streamline the Scholarship Application Process

Written by Lindsay McGuire on November 12, 2019

Posted in Education

Now more than ever, students are relying on scholarships to make getting their college degree feasible. This isn’t surprising, considering that college tuition and expenses rose 63% from 2006 to 2016. According to the federal reserve, around 53% of people who graduate with a bachelor’s degree acquire at least some college debt.

More incoming students are becoming aware of this student debt crisis and focusing more on scholarship opportunities at schools on their interest list. But it’s not just the scholarships offered at your school that impact a student’s college decision. The scholarship application process is crucial to recruiting and maintaining students as well.

If your school is still stuck using paper scholarship applications or clunky tools, it’s time for an overhaul. Students expect to communicate with your school in a simple, rapid, and digital way. If your scholarship applications seem daunting, difficult, or complicated, many students will look at competitors who offer a simpler scholarship application process.

Digitization has transformed the incoming Gen Z students, and higher education institutions need to keep up. By going 100% digital, you’ll attract and retain more students over time, save your staff hundreds of hours, and be able to instantly respond to students when they show interest in your school. Here’s how to implement a simple, streamlined scholarship application process at your school.

scholarship application process infographic

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