Infographic: How to Improve Employee Onboarding

Written by Lindsay McGuire on August 28, 2019

Posted in Human Resources, Infographics

Is your company constantly competing for top talent? The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth to continue, but the talent pool is not widening enough to keep up. As the market for talent continues to tighten, it’s crucial that your company focuses on employee retention just as much as talent recruitment. 

One key to improving employee retention is increasing employee engagement. In fact, an engaged employee is 87% less likely to leave a company within the first 12 months. But how can you ensure employees are engaged? By improving your employee onboarding.

Research by Aberdeen shows that effective onboarding increases employee engagement by more than 20%. They also found that companies who provide a structured onboarding program reported 62% higher time-to-productivity ratios

The results of effective employee onboarding above are pretty impressive! Check out our employee onboarding automation infographic below for even more data on why employee onboarding is a crucial piece of the employee retention puzzle. It also includes a section on how to improve onboarding with simple tools that create an engaging experience.

Employee onboarding automation infographic

Creating an effective employee onboarding process that keeps employees engaged doesn’t have to be difficult! Watch the webinar The Tips & Tools You Need to Build a Successful Hiring Process to learn even more about how you can transform the employee onboarding experience and better retain employees.