Infographic: How to Turn Event Leads into Closed Deals

Written by Lindsay McGuire on September 12, 2019

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Having booths at trade shows, conferences, and conventions can be a huge investment. They also take a lot of employee time and effort to prepare and staff. Is your organization making the most out of lead generation at events? 

Events can be great for growing your business, but only if you have a great lead generation process in place. It’s crucial that you not only attract people to your booth, but acquire their information once they’re engaged. 

Yet getting leads at a trade show won’t fuel your ROI. You need to close those leads in order to make an impact on your bottom line. Thousands of businesses are facing a huge hurdle when it comes to closing on warm event leads: they don’t communicate quick enough! 

All those leads you worked so hard to get will disappear if they’re not contacted quickly. Don’t let your event marketing budget go to waste because of an ineffective lead management processes. Here’s how to improve your lead generation at events and turn more event leads into closed deals. 

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Lead generation at events infographic

If you want to boost your event marketing ROI, try implementing the workflow above to turn warm event leads into sales. Chat with our sales team now to learn how to launch this process for your next event.