Webinar: Supercharging Your EHR

Written by Formstack on July 24, 2018

Posted in Healthcare, Webinars + Events


Electronic health records (EHRs) ushered in a digital revolution for the healthcare industry, providing healthcare organizations with a more efficient and organized way to manage patient information. While EHRs are a vast improvement from the paper-based file systems of the past, these tools are not without their limitations. Many organizations that have adopted an EHR are still bogged down by cumbersome data collection and manual workflows.

If this sounds like your hospital or practice, Formstack and Luma Health want to help. We teamed up for a webinar to offer new ideas for automating your organization in pursuit of better patient care.

During the webinar, Formstack’s Enterprise Sales Manager Lindsey Chambers and Luma Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tashfeen Ekram share tips for optimizing your EHR with online forms and mobile patient communication technology.

Lindsey Chambers of Formstack Dr. Tasheen Ekram of Luma Health

Join Lindsey and Dr. Ekram as they discuss:

  • The pros and cons of EHRs
  • The use of EHR data for personalized patient communication
  • The EHR gaps that can be filled with HIPAA compliant online forms

You don’t want to miss this! Click below to watch the webinar today.