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Healthcare Webinar: (In)Form Your Patient Experience Through Workflow


Does your hospital or practice fail to engage patients due to clunky patient workflow processes? Healthcare facilities of all types struggle to manage daily administrative tasks while also providing quality care for patients. Operational inefficiency often leads to costly errors and a negative patient experience, but you can avoid these pitfalls by embracing the power of online HIPAA forms and workflows.

To help you bring some necessary improvement to your healthcare processes, Formstack teamed up with Dr. Workflow himself—Dr. Chuck Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS—for an informative webinar. Dr. Webster is a healthcare workflow expert who, among other efforts, runs a successful healthcare business process management blog and frequently serves as a social media ambassador for the annual HIMSS conferences.

During the webinar, Dr. Webster and Formstack’s Chief of Staff Andrew Clark discuss the use of HIPAA forms and patient workflow solutions. They also demonstrate how these tools can boost efficiency and transform the patient experience at your facility.


Join Dr. Webster and Andrew to learn:

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