Webinar: How LoveYourBrain Fast-Tracked Course Registrations in Salesforce

Written by Formstack on March 28, 2018

Posted in Salesforce, Webinars + Events


Registering your customers for events can be a long, complex, and tedious process. And if you need to use a tool like Salesforce to track participation, the complexity only escalates. This was the problem LoveYourBrain Foundation faced when the organization wanted to collect registrations for its FUNdamental courses.

LoveYourBrain is a nonprofit that takes a positive approach to brain injury prevention and healing. When looking for a solution to its course registration problem, the nonprofit sought help from Traction on Demand—a Salesforce solutions consultant—and Formstack to streamline the process and, ultimately, support more people.

Join our webinar to get a unique inside look at how LoveYourBrain, Traction on Demand, and Formstack came together to create a solution for good. We talk to LoveYourBrain about the challenges they were facing, learn how Traction on Demand was able to find a solution, and hear what role Formstack played in it all.

Join members of the LoveYourBrain, Traction on Demand, and Formstack teams to learn:

  • How to accelerate your online data collection
  • How to create smarter forms for your business
  • Easy implementation strategies for Salesforce

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