How Sierra Pacific Ramped Up Marketing with Infusionsoft, ConnectWise, & Formstack Sync

Written by Zak Pines on October 16, 2018

Posted in Workflow Automation

Sierra Pacific Consulting knows that to be a successful business, your marketing automation and CRM systems must be integrated. Adam Bielanski, President and Senior Consultant, recently chatted with us to explain why this is a crucial business process and how they use Formstack Sync to integrate Infusionsoft and ConnectWise. Here’s an abridged transcript of his chat with our Head of Partnerships, Zak Pines.

Background on Sierra Pacific

Zak: Can you start by giving background on Sierra Pacific Consulting?

Adam: We are experts in ConnectWise, and all of the process around it. This includes automating systems, managing an MSP business by the numbers, and delivering exceptional services. We help customers turn chaos into order and ideas into action.

Zak: As the owner and president of the business, you must wear a bunch of hats. What are your main areas of responsibility?

Adam: I oversee the sales and marketing for our business, and then also manage our team of consultants.

Running Sales and Marketing at Sierra Pacific

Zak: What is your approach to marketing, both for your company and your customers?

Adam: I’m a big believer in integrated marketing. Too often you see IT companies just blasting something out. There’s a mailer, but nothing else. There’s a call, but no follow up. That ties back to the systems you use as well. ConnectWise isn’t designed for marketing automation or managing a multi-step marketing campaign, which is why companies look to pair ConnectWise with marketing automation systems such as Infusionsoft or HubSpot. When you add these tools into the mix, you’re able to do much more multi-dimensional marketing.

Zak: How are you approaching marketing for Sierra Pacific?

Adam: We have a full-time marketing person, and she builds out campaigns and landing pages in Infusionsoft. The call to action from a campaign is booking a 15 minute call with us, where our sales process kicks in.

Scaling Marketing with Infusionsoft and ConnectWise

Zak: How are you using Infusionsoft?

Adam: We moved onto Infusionsoft several months ago, and its marketing automation has been great for us. We use it to manage lead capture. We are running ads on Facebook which feed directly into Infusionsoft campaigns.

We have automated, personalized follow-up setup right through our meeting, including sending text message reminders leading up to the call.

Zak: And what happens leading up to the call between the systems?

Adam: Marketing data flows from Infusionsoft to ConnectWise for qualified leads. I’m using ConnectWise as our CRM to manage opportunities. All of the key data from Infusionsoft, including tags, comes over to ConnectWise to give me the full context for the person I’m speaking with.

Our data flows seamlessly back and forth between Infusionsoft and ConnectWise via Formstack Sync. It is our connection between the two systems, so we can manage our marketing through Infusionsoft, our sales and business processes through ConnectWise, and keep the two systems in sync.

Zak: How is this all working for you?

Adam: It’s working really well. The combination of Infusionsoft, ConnectWise, and Formstack Sync is the best combination of sales and marketing systems we have ever had. And we’re seeing growth as a result.

I’m going to need to add about five more consultants to support all of our new business, which is a great problem to have. We also advise our customers to use the combination of Infusionsoft, ConnectWise, and Formstack Sync to support their own MSP businesses.

The Infusionsoft ConnectWise Integration

Zak: What was the impetus that led you to go ahead with an Infusionsoft-ConnectWise integration?

Adam: We know from past experience, you need to have your marketing automation and CRM system integrated. It’s not scalable to copy data between those systems. It never ends up working.

Our business is about improving processes, and we knew the best process would be to have Infusionsoft and ConnectWise connected. We think about it as – we are better off spending time billing clients vs. spending time moving data between our systems.

Now with this integration, we’re even syncing opportunity data back from ConnectWise to Infusionsoft. So now, our marketing person can see which marketing campaigns are leading to opportunities – and then we do more of those things. We can see where the leads that turn into our best opportunities are coming from. That’s been a key factor in our success.

Zak: What options did you consider for integrating Infusionsoft and ConnectWise?

Adam: We considered Zapier, but once we got into it we chose Formstack Sync for a few reasons.

Formstack Sync provides a pre-built ConnectWise-Infusionsoft integration, so it just needs to be configured for the specific fields you want to use, which the Formstack Sync on-boarding team has been fantastic about helping with. Compare that to Zapier, where you have to do all of it yourself. With Zapier, you have to know programming — and I’m not a programmer! I’m just an owner who wants to get stuff done.

Formstack Sync got the job done for us, and it’s a complete integration encompassing contacts, accounts, opportunities, tags, and notes. With Zapier, that would have been a ton of work and it wouldn’t have ever quite worked. Zapier is good for sending one piece of data between a system, but it tends to break down when it comes to updating records across systems, or doing things like matching up an account or opportunity with the right person in Infusionsoft. Formstack Sync has all of that figured out.

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