How JOHO Integrates HubSpot and Zoho CRM to Drive Growth

Written by Zak Pines on April 7, 2018

Posted in Workflow Automation

When JOHO needed a marketing automation system to pair with their Zoho CRM, HubSpot came to the forefront as the best option. Read on to learn how Bill Goulet of JOHO uses Formstack Sync to create a fully automated sales and marketing system by integrating HubSpot and Zoho CRM. Below is an abridged transcript of his chat with our VP of Partnerships, Zak Pines.

JOHO Company Background and Marketing Approach

Zak: Can you start by telling us about JOHO – what you do and whom you are marketing and selling to?

Bill: My partner Jim Rohde founded JOHO to bring better business intelligence and data integration solutions to financial institutions with our JOHO OneSource™. We have an enterprise level solution so we are targeting senior executives at banks, credit unions, and insurance companies.

We create a highly indexed data warehouse for them, aggregating their data from multiple online and offline sources, and presenting that data in a very visual way through all channels – computers, iPads, mobile.

This provides executives key trend data at their fingertips, that in the past would take them a lot of custom work to get to.

Zak: As a relatively young company, how are you approaching marketing?

Bill: We are very focused on the target audience of executive teams at financial institutions. Our strategy is to develop highly relevant content for this audience, which educates them to JOHO’s value proposition, and reaching them through both inbound and outbound marketing.

Approach to Sales and Marketing Systems

Zak: Can you walk us through your approach to your sales and marketing system?

Bill: We have been using Zoho CRM for quite some time. We have a robust CRM implementation – lots of custom fields to allow us to segment our audience to the level we need.

We’ve organized data in Zoho including categorizing our prospects by specific trade association groups, such as regional, state, and national Bankers Associations. We also identify their core processing systems so we can target them based on the systems they are using today.

Zak: OK, and how about on the marketing side?

Bill: We knew we needed a marketing automation system to pair with Zoho. We were looking for a system that could both help us build more marketing automation around our Zoho CRM, and be an integrated digital marketing solution for us to manage our website and content marketing initiatives. We have a small team so we needed as much automation and integration as possible.

The ability to integrate with Zoho CRM was a key must-have criteria as we knew we wanted a continuous integration between our marketing automation and CRM.

I first discovered HubSpot through their sales blog. And as we engaged with our HubSpot rep, finding out that a no-code integration between HubSpot and Zoho CRM was possible through Formstack Sync became a big reason for us to choose HubSpot.

As we engaged with Formstack Sync, we found out that their team also had expertise around HubSpot – they weren’t just a generic data integration partner. Formstack Sync helped us make HubSpot better by getting the right data from Zoho into HubSpot so we can leverage it, in an automated fashion.

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Integrating HubSpot and Zoho CRM with Formstack Sync

Zak: Can you tell us more about your integration of HubSpot and Zoho using Formstack Sync?

Bill: I mentioned earlier a lot of the great data we have in our CRM, including trade association membership and system ownership. We’ve mapped these fields from custom fields in Zoho to custom fields in HubSpot, and using HubSpot’s smart lists this data is dynamically updated in HubSpot and powering our marketing campaigns through HubSpot workflows.

We are also able to take special customer focused actions like reaching out on their birthday with a birthday-specific campaign – as that is also data we have collected in Zoho.

Zak: How about for new leads generated?

Bill: For new leads generated in HubSpot, we automatically push those leads into Zoho CRM. Formstack Sync de-duplicates data between HubSpot and Zoho, so we can manage the process differently for net new leads vs. existing leads.

We have mapped key marketing fields in HubSpot such as the most recent form filled, the most recent email, and the most recent web page visited – to custom fields in Zoho. This gives us visibility to a snapshot of recent marketing interactions when viewing a lead record in Zoho.

Zak: How would you characterize what Formstack Sync is doing for you in integrating HubSpot and Zoho?

Bill: Formstack Sync ensures our data is consistently integrated, so that data flowing between our systems is clean and connected, without us having to worry about it. As an industry recognized data integration partner, that is critical for us.

And by connecting these systems, it helps make each of the systems more valuable to us. HubSpot is more valuable with Zoho data. Zoho is more valuable to us, with a direct integration with HubSpot.

In short, Formstack Sync enables us to take full advantage of the data we have in two different systems. Formstack Sync makes Zoho better. Formstack Sync makes HubSpot better. And those are the two systems we are relying on to grow the business.

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