Get Custom Assistance from Formstack’s Professional Services Team

Written by Jessica Haas on April 25, 2018

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Did you know Formstack has an in-house Professional Services team that can help you make the most of your online forms, documents, and system workflows? If you’re short on time and resources or just need a little technical assistance, our Professional Services team is ready to lend a hand and complete your custom projects.

The Professional Services team is comprised of expert form and document builders who can help meet your unique business needs with the Formstack, WebMerge, and Salesforce App platforms. Ready for a new theme? Don’t have time to create that complex form? Need some specific training? Our skilled builders can deliver this and more on time and on budget.

Whether you work in marketing, healthcare, education, nonprofit management, finance, IT, or operations, the Formstack Professional Services team will work with your organization to help you create beautiful forms that function flawlessly. Want to know more? Below we’ve answered some of your most pressing questions.

What can Formstack’s Professional Services Team do?

Our building pros have the in-house design and technical skills required to build or style Formstack or Salesforce App forms and WebMerge documents that deliver results. Below are some recommendations on how Professional Services can help solve your unique and complex problems.

If you need advanced technical assistance, we can provide:

  • Custom CSS and HTML
  • Document design
  • Widgets to enhance your form
  • Form embedding

If you’re on a tight deadline, we can provide:

  • Form or document building
  • Theme creation and customization
  • Form settings configuration, including emails and routing rules

If you have limited in-house resources, we can provide:

  • Form or document importing (from another service into Formstack)
  • Custom CSS and HTML
  • Advanced feature configuration, such as integrations, workflows, and logic

Learn more about our professional form building services here.

Can I see some examples?

Of course! To give you ideas and inspiration for how you might leverage our Professional Services, check out a few before-and-after examples of our finished work:

Newsletter Sign-up Form


newsletter sign-up form


Newsletter sign-up form with Professional Services

Donation Form


Donation form


Donation form Professional Services

Contact Form



How do I take advantage of this service?

If you’re interested in hiring Formstack’s Professional Services team for your next project, it’s easy to get started. Simply complete our request form to help us gather important details about the project. Once we receive your request, we’ll reach out with additional information, questions, and/or a quote for the project.

Don’t let limited time or technical expertise hold your projects back. Let us create something awesome for you!