Formstack Expands Offline Form Submission Capabilities

Written by Formstack on November 6, 2018

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Add-on and mobile app provide access to offline submissions, kiosk mode

INDIANAPOLIS (November 6, 2018) — Formstack, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company with a mission to empower its users through simple and elegant tools that remove the complexity from everyday business processesannounces an offline data capture add-on powered by Formstack Go, a new mobile app for iOS and Android.

Formstack’s Offline Forms add-on allows users to capture form data without a live internet connection, storing the data locally on the device and uploading it to the cloud once a connection is available. This capability gives customers in highly mobile fields—such as sales, construction and manufacturing—a way to capture information digitally, reducing reliance on paper forms and manual data entry.

“Mobile devices bridge the gap between the portability of pen and paper and the capability of enterprise-grade desktop computers, so it’s no surprise customers have appreciated accessibility to this highly requested feature,” said Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack. “Our Offline Forms add-on allows users to harness the power and flexibility of modern mobile devices to do real work in remote locations where internet connectivity may still be difficult.”

Data submitted via Formstack Go syncs between apps locally and automatically routes to the necessary location once an internet connection is established. Offline Forms also retain third-party web app integrations such as Salesforce, Quickbooks and Zendesk, as well as workflow automation processes.

In addition to accessing forms offline, Formstack Go allows users to lock a device into a limited kiosk mode. Available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, the new setting allows users to continually submit a form without someone having to navigate back to the beginning of the form or exiting the app, making it ideal for lead capture and surveys at exhibit booths and trade shows.

Formstack Go and Offline Forms are the latest of many Formstack enhancements, including a refreshed builder, Salesforce Community Forms, and Advanced PDFs.

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