Driving Growth Through Customer Upsell Programs with ConnectWise & HubSpot

Written by Zak Pines on June 4, 2018

Posted in Workflow Automation

Looking for ways to grow your customer base and increase marketing ROI? Eden Penman of LookingPoint shares how they’ve found success through connecting their sales and marketing systems with Formstack Sync. Below is an abridged transcript of her chat with our VP of Partnerships, Zak Pines.

Background on Looking Point

Zak: Can you start by telling us about your company?

Eden: Absolutely! LookingPoint is a Bay Area based IT solutions provider. Our services include design, implementation and support services for IT infrastructure. We are brought in usually by the head of an IT department who’s looking to augment their IT department with additional resources. Our customers are typically 100+ employees and headquartered locally.

Zak: What is your role and key responsibilities?

Eden: I head up our marketing team, and am responsible for our website, content creation, social media marketing, and event planning.

Zak: Can you share LookingPoint’s systems landscape for key marketing, sales, and service systems?

Eden: We’ve been using ConnectWise for several years – it’s our system of record for sales, service, and operations. It houses our customer information and data, projects, and engineering tickets.

We brought on HubSpot last year as our marketing platform, and we are using HubSpot to host and manage our website, plus social media, blog, email and marketing reporting.

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Creating Revenue Growth

Zak: What were your goals for investing in HubSpot?

Eden: It’s two-fold. We have a large customer base, but that customer base is only using us for a subset of our services, so a big part of our growth is growing those accounts in additional service categories. And then the second goal is to drive more demand through marketing-driven efforts, to complement what has historically been business driven by referrals from our technology partners such as Cisco, Nimble Storage, and VMware.

Zak: Your challenge of growing your customer base is highly relevant to the broader ConnectWise partner community. It’s one faced by many IT service providers out there. Can you walk us through how you are approaching it?

Eden: We bucket our services into five categories. First is Collaboration – voice, video and messaging. And then Security, Networking, Data Centers and Managed Services.

For each of these categories, we are creating educational and thought leadership content – staying current with the latest news for that area. For example, the Cisco Spark Board is an innovative collaboration solution. We’ll stay on top of the news around that topic, and educate our customers about the technology – how it helps them, things to look out for, etc.

We have our customer database in ConnectWise, and we use Formstack Sync to enable a real-time synchronization of that data to HubSpot, where it is easy for me as the marketer to target our database using HubSpot’s smart lists. This gives us regular email engagement with this database.

In HubSpot, we’ve set up fields to score customers for their engagement in each of these five categories – so as they consume our website content and blogs, we are scoring their interest in that category.

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Zak: This is awesome stuff Eden – so it’s a customer score, mapped to both your service offerings and the topics of interest to your customers and target audience.

Eden: Yes exactly. So, then, once you reach a certain score which means you’ve shown meaningful engagement with our content on a topic, HubSpot auto-creates an activity, which syncs over to ConnectWise – via our Formstack Sync integration – for our account managers to follow up.

So for example, we had our top security customer read a lot of our content on data centers — and this triggered an opportunity for that customer’s account manager to reach out.

Zak: That is great way to tie marketing programs around your customer upsell activities with account managers. What other systems are you using as your sales and marketing systems?

Eden: We are also integrating PhoneBurner, using Formstack Sync. We can tie that into both calling campaigns we are driving out of ConnectWise, as well as lead follow up from HubSpot. In both cases we push leads into PhoneBurner, where reps can manage very efficient calling and log activities, and then move qualified leads along to ConnectWise. We are doing all this through Formstack Sync as well.

Formstack Sync Integration Experience

Zak: Can you wrap up by talking about your experience working with Formstack Sync for your integration of HubSpot, ConnectWise and PhoneBurner?

Eden: The team and product have been great to work with. The on boarding team got us up and running quickly, and along the way the process has been very hands on anytime we’ve needed to troubleshoot any issues around the integration. ConnectWise does a lot of things for us, so there are a lot of moving parts, and the Formstack Sync team has helped us troubleshoot and solve any integration issues along the way.

As a marketer, I like having direct access to make adjustments to our integration. For example if we add another customer scoring field to HubSpot & ConnectWise, I can update that mapping directly in the Formstack Sync interface in a matter of seconds, and it’s live.

Key Takeaways

1. Pair a marketing automation platform with ConnectWise to execute sales and     marketing programs aimed at driving growth within these accounts.

2. Marketing can help sales by scoring customers based on their interest in specific     topics/service areas, and providing sales that visibility on leads/opportunities.

3. Connect as many sales and marketing systems together to make your process as high     velocity as possible. A system like PhoneBurner is a great addition to help manage     high volume calling by SDRs and Sales.

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