Webinar: How Red Tab Foundation Amplified Fundraising with Salesforce

Written by Formstack on August 23, 2018

Posted in Salesforce, Webinars + Events


Nonprofit organizations do important work. But that work is often overshadowed by the cumbersome behind-the-scenes processes at play. With segmented information, clunky spreadsheets, and time-consuming data shuffling, it’s easy for nonprofits to miss connections and fall short of programming and fundraising goals.

The Red Tab Foundation is a nonprofit that provides critical aid to Levi Strauss & Co. employees and retirees who are suffering through unexpected financial emergencies. The foundation’s education and proactive programs help individuals alleviate worry and maintain their financial health.

To grow its programs and deepen its impact, Red Tab Foundation needed a better way to manage data. Join Formstack’s Francis Pereira and Red Tab’s Melissa Reyes for a case-study-style webinar all about Red Tab’s adoption of Formstack and Salesforce. Find out how simplifying their data processes helped the foundation’s Run for Red Tab program bring in $22K and 27% more attendees year over year.

Melissa Reyes of Red Tab Foundation  Francis Pereira of Formstack

Join Francis and Melissa as they discuss:

  • Centralizing program and fundraising management with Salesforce
  • Streamlining nonprofit data collection with fundraising forms, donation request forms, and more
  • Automating information flow to increase efficiency

You don’t want to miss this! Click below to watch the webinar today.