Cyber Risk Management Webinar: Keeping ePHI Secure

Written by Formstack on December 4, 2017

Posted in Healthcare, Webinars + Events


Since the days when all healthcare processes revolved around paper, advances in healthcare technology have made incredible improvements to the efficiency and accuracy of health information. As an unfortunate side effect, the same advances have also made sensitive patient information (also known as electronic protected health information, or ePHI) susceptible to the risk of security threats on a much larger scale. Healthcare organizations and individuals that fail to comply with HIPAA security guidelines can face severe penalties, from hefty fines to jail time.

To help you understand the nature of ePHI security risks and how to manage them, Formstack partnered with health IT security expert George Bailey to bring you a cyber risk management webinar. George is a Senior Advisor at Purdue Healthcare Advisors, and he contributes his expert knowledge on HIPAA security guidelines and how to avoid common security gaps that lead to data loss from cyber attacks. Formstack’s Andrew Clark joins Bailey to cover best practices for securing your online healthcare forms to meet HIPAA compliance standards.

George Bailey of Purdue Healthcare Advisors       

Join George and Andrew to master the basics of HIPAA security guidelines and learn how to boost security and efficiency at your organization. We’d also encourage you to check out a few great resources to learn more about healthcare security:

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